Man Finds Whole Sausage in Fish

A fisherman found an extra dinner inside his catch
Wikimedia/West Robin

A Swedish fisherman found a whole, plastic-wrapped sausage inside his catch.

A Swedish fisherman got an unexpected bonus this week when he opened his prize catch and discovered a whole sausage inside, still wrapped in plastic.

According to The Local, 20-year-old Liam Mårskon was fishing with his friends when they spotted a very large pike swimming around. Uncharacteristically for a pike, they said, the fish wanted nothing to do with their bait.

"We saw this really big pike but for some reason it just didn't want to bite onto the hook. Normally pikes are quiet aggressive but this one was acting strange," Mårskon said.

They saw the fish again a few hours later and went after it, but right away they noticed something seemed a little off about their catch.

"The shape of the fish was strange. It looked a bit like a cylinder and one of my friends said for a laugh, 'there's a sausage in there,' but it turned out it was right," Mårskon said.

When they cut open the fish, which was several feet long, they discovered a large packaged sausage, half-eaten and still in its plastic wrapper. Mårskon said he thinks someone probably threw it away in the water, and the fish found and ate it. Mårskon and his friends, however, did not.

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"No, we didn't eat it," Mårskon said. "It smelled a bit bad as it had been inside a fish's stomach so we threw it away.”