Swedish Couple Sues Over Pizza Odor

Living next door to a pizza restaurant probably sounds like heaven to a lot of people, but for over a decade it has been making one older Swedish couple so angry that they've been fighting in court to have the place shut down.

According to The Local, the man and woman are retirees who say that 12 years ago a pizza restaurant moved into the building next door to the place where they live. The couple hated the smell of pizza so much that they've been tied up in court for years trying to claim a million Kronor, or about $117,450, in damages.

"If we get one million kronor we'll buy the whole shebang and tear down the building. Then we'll plant potatoes on the land," the woman said.

The suit has come to no avail. Last Thursday they lost a final appeal when a judge ruled that the smell of pizza did not constitute enough of an inconvenience to the couple to force the restaurant to close. The restaurant reportedly had all the required permits and was following regulations.

The couple did once eat at the much-hated pizza restaurant, and the restaurant even offered them free food, but the couple was not impressed.

"Nowadays we never eat pizza, it's a complete sham. It's sandwiches with toppings that you can easily make yourself," the woman said. "We would rather eat meatballs and other real food instead."