Cops Called on Suspected Bootlegger Who Just Really Liked Cabbage

Police investigated a suspicious smell reported as bootlegging


A man's neighbors called the police because they thought he was making illegal moonshine that might explode the building, but it turned out to just be smelly cabbage.

Police in Sweden rushed out to an apartment building last weekend after receiving an anonymous tip that a resident was making bootleg moonshine in his apartment, but it turns out the suspected Al Capone was really just a guy who liked cabbage.

According to The Local, the police were called by a neighbor who smelled something suspicious and thought the suspect was brewing moonshine in his apartment. Home-brewed moonshine is illegal in Sweden, but it’s still done in some rural areas.

Running a still like that is dangerous, however, because the alcohol is made by distilling yeast, sugar, water, and mash into alcohol, and if handled incorrectly stills have a tendency to explode. Fear that some guy’s illicit still was about to blow up the whole building is reportedly what prompted the neighbor to call the police.


When the police arrived, however, all they found was a nice random guy making a big pot of cabbage pudding for his Sunday dinner. Cabbage pudding is a traditional Swedish comfort food, but it does carry a pretty strong smell.