Sweden Is Finally Getting an ABBA-Themed Restaurant

ABBA superfans will get their own restaurant/role-play setting

ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus is opening a Mamma Mia-themed restaurant in Stockholm.

Sweden is finally getting the ABBA-themed restaurant it so richly deserves, and the proprietor says it will not just be a regular restaurant, it will be a cool restaurant, with a stage show and ABBA role-playing opportunities.

According to The Local, ABBA member Björn Ulvaeus announced this week that he plans to open a restaurant and entertainment venue modeled after the Greek tavern in Mamma Mia.

"My vision is that this Greek taverna will be like a Mamma Mia bubble where people can just have a bloody good time. I can see the audience in front of me, how they're laughing and singing along and having loads of fun. I want to create the same party spirit that the musical is so known for," Ulvaeus told The Local.

The live-action Mamma Mia role-playing event and restaurant will be called Mamma Mia! The Party and is expected to open in January in Stockholm. Ulvaeus says lyrics for the show and most of the dialogue and interaction will be in English, and that if the venue is successful enough there’s no reason why he wouldn’t open Mamma Mia dinner theater venues all around the world.

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