'Sushi Doughnuts' Are A Thing Now

Although they've been around for years, "SushiDo", doughnuts created to look like sushi, are recently becoming popular after a Twitter user brought them to attention after seeing them while on vacation in Thailand, according to the Huffington Post.

They aren't actually made with sushi; the doughnut world has not gone that far yet. But in the midst of all of the doughnut/cronut craze, it certainly doesn't surprise us that this is on the market. They taste like doughnuts, completely exempt of any gross attempt to add fish flavor. According to Rocket News, some have fake ikura on top in the form of sugar, others have a gooey center, and others even have a fake band of seaweed wrapping around to look like nigiri (black frosting, of course).

The Japanese franchise Mister Donut is not the only one selling them. Psycho Donuts is also doing a twist on the sushi doughnut, selling them in a bento box, according to FoodBeast via Huff Post

And as MSN points out, it's a cute idea, but just a little weird; check them out here.