What People Put In Their Coffee: Gummy Bears, Chocolate, And Alcohol

Well, here's a shocker: Some people would put coffee before love.

According to a survey by Seattle's Best Coffee, 16 percent of respondents would give up their significant other before giving up a daily cup of joe.

Others, (31 percent) said that their relationships would improve if their loved ones brought them coffee in bed (with breakfast, no doubt).

Of course, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, respondents said they may try adding Hershey's Kisses (56 percent), champagne (16 percent), or red wine (13 percent) to their coffee.

Every day, however, 83 percent of Americans add something unique to their coffee. There's the classic liquor/alcohol additions (Bailey's in the morning, anyone?) for 21 percent of respondents.

Then again, others reported adding in grape soda, gummy bears, cayenne pepper, balsamic vinegar, and cheesecake. Considering some of the crazy creamer flavors out there, these answers aren't terribly weird. But grape soda? Really?

If you're itching to see what adding birthday cake into your coffee will look like, check out Seattle's Best Coffee's Facebook, where people can add cotton candy to their coffee. (You can also win a free 12 oz. bag of Seattle's Best Coffee, valid until Feb. 17, or a $1.50 coupon for your caffeine fix).

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