Super Spicy Hot Pot Soup Burned Hole in Man's Stomach

A hospital in Wuhan, China has reported an increase in the number of "hot pot" cases

Well this might turn us off spicy food for a while (or forever); Apparently a man in China was rushed to the hospital because a restaurant's mala hot pot soup had burned a hole in his stomach.

According to Rocketnews24, a 26-year-old man who didn't have a history of gastrointestinal disorders ordered the spiciest soup at a Wuhan, China restaurant, only to go to the emergency room after vomiting blood because of an intense pain in his stomach.

However, spicy food by itself shouldn't be able to burn a hole through your stomach lining. And theoretically spicy food could kill a person, but other bodily reactions like inflammation, heart burn, and pain should stop a person from eating enough to kill themselves.

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According to Sankei Biz, a factor in this freak accident might be that many hot pot restaurants are using cheap synthetic seasonings, instead of real Sichuan peppers for heat. So much so that the Wuhan hospital has found that 15 percent of its gastrointestinal cases are caused from hot pot-related incidents, creating a group of "hot pot patients."