Super Pac Raises Beer Money for Congress

George Washington University students argue happy hour will solve all gridlock in Congress

Frankly, it's not a terrible sense of logic; a few beers at happy hour certainly makes us more pleasant and easy to work with. So a new super PAC and its commitment to raising "beer money" for Congress may just be on to something. 

Reports ABC and Fox News, the Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC (Ed note: awesome name) was founded by two George Washington University fraternity brothers. The two argue that Congress might be able to settle its debt negotiations and other disputes if they had a few rounds of beer to talk things out. So they began the super PAC to create a happy hour, bipartisan event for Congressmen. Said Daniel Bassali, the co-founder to ABC News, "In college we solve our differences by sitting down and having a beer... I don't think our congressmen are too proud to accept a collegiate approach to deficit reduction."

The pair are hoping to reach their $5,000 goal for a Washington D.C. happy hour event. But lest you think it's all fun and games for the super PAC, the group is also creating its first policy memo, a four-page debt reduction plan. Plus, the group has to prove all beer expenses are related to a campaign to avoid the IRS. We think we can raise a beer to these guys — who knows, they may have a part in solving the debt crisis.