Super Bowl Drinking Town Face-Off

After an exciting football season (a heart-wrenching one for a Redskins fan like myself), the time has finally come for the grand finale. The big game, the last round, the ship! That's right football fans, Super Bowl XLVII is finally here, and the teams duking it out this year are in tip-top shape for the big night. So who's going to take home the rings? That'll be decided on Sunday night, but for now, we have a few predictions of our own.

In the spirit of competition, we've brought you a head-to-head boozy battle between each team's hometown. Will the winning team in our battle win the actual game? It's possible. We're no scientists, but we're fairly confident the team with the best libations probably has the best football team as well... But we'll let the players duke it out on the field on Sunday, just for kicks.

Read on for our Super Bowl Drinking Town Face-Off predictions, and see which boozy hometown we predict will be the winner of the big ring on Sunday night. Got any favorite regional sips from these towns? Let us know about them in the comments section!

Click here to determine the winner of the Super Bowl Drinking Town Face-Off. 

— Sara Kay, The