Japanese Taxis Dispense Cold Tea During Summer

Now there’s really a reason to fight over taxi cabs this summer

Suntory's new tea taxis distribute cold iced tea to passengers in Japan.

When it is a million degrees outside, there’s nothing like a blast of air conditioning and a cold drink, and now taxi passengers in Japan will get both, because some cabs are giving away free, cold tea.

According to Rocket News 24, Tokyo denizens will have to be on the lookout for some bright green taxis this summer, because Suntory has outfitted the cabs to look like its bottles in an attempt to promote its new lemon green tea. The “Lemon Hospitality Taxis” will operate like normal taxis, which take passengers to wherever they want to go, but they will also give passengers a bottle of cold Suntory lemon green tea, a paper fan, and a pair of slippers.


The taxis will be running until August 4, and they’re sure to be in high demand. While a person could just try their luck flagging one of the green cabs down in the street, they might have more luck arranging a ride in one with a free taxi-calling app from Zenkoku Taxi.