A Sunday Road Trip to a Farm Reminds Us Why We Choose Local

Our St. Louis contributor takes a day trip to a local dairy farm

Windcrest Dairy Farm is a short drive from St. Louis.

No recipe today, just a story that will live in our hearts and memories for a long time to come.
On Sunday afternoon, our family took a road trip to Windcrest Dairy, a farm located about 45 minutes outside of downtown St. Louis. We are quite fond of the yogurt that this dairy produces so when Kurt the farmer invited us to come visit the farm we jumped at the chance.
The tour started with a glimpse into where the milk is processed and how the yogurt is made. 
We then took a walk to meet "the ladies," some of which were in the maternity ward about to give birth while others were getting their fill of wholesome feed, all of which is grown on the premises.

The highlight of our visit had to be our kids getting the chance to hand-milk one of the cows.

Visiting the farm was such a great experience for all of us. Meeting the people that care for animals that provide us nourishment was humbling and moving. The trip was a terrific reminder of the effort and dedication that goes into running a small family farm.
Being committed to eating locally whenever possible supports our local economy and individuals such as Kurt and his family. It provides the opportunity to chat with the people that feed us and ask questions, and helps us gain a deeper connection to where our foods originate. It limits the miles our foods travel therefore minimizing the environmental impact. And certainly, it allows for fresh, just off-the-farm food so it often tastes better!
If you are a fellow urban dweller, I encourage you to think globally, eat locally, and take a trip to visit a farm as soon as you can. And please share your stories if you do!
Elizabeth Cowie is Registered and Licensed Dietitian and food blogger for Eating Local in the Lou.