Sun in My Belly: And I'm Glad it's There

And I'm Glad it's There

Whether you’re going to wake up or have the last meal of your day at Sun in My Belly, you’ll feel the love radiating from inside. The café features a quite extensive assortment of colorful candles in glass jars, and the pastel palette of hues contributes to an overall welcoming and aesthetically pleasing décor.

I wish I could have experienced Sun in My Belly’s Jazzy Brunch, held on the first Sunday of every month and featuring live jazz performances. But the regular brunch is, verily, a wonderful experience as well. A perfect example of the blend of comforting taste and inventiveness characteristic of Southern cuisine is the PBLT, a beautiful pun-based idea that is as tasty as it is amusing. As it sounds, it’s a peanut butter BLT.

It feels as if going to Sun in My Belly is intended to be an experience akin to swallowing sunshine, and I think it fulfills that intention in a glorious manner. In all seriousness, everything exudes warmth and friendliness: the staff, the food, and the ambience. If I were a millionaire living in Atlanta, I would eat brunch here every single day of my life, and then I’d have them come to my house and cater my dinner.