This Japanese Grocery Store Fixed Its Sushi Packaging to Solve Everyone's Soy Sauce Problems

Eating supermarket sushi is a lot more like being in a restaurant thanks to this cool package

A Japanese supermarket has upgraded its sushi packaging to include a convenient little spot for pouring soy sauce.

Supermarket sushi gets a bad rap when compared with fancy restaurant sushi, but one Japanese grocery store has figured out a way to upscale its sushi-to-go offerings while also solving the old problem of how to use the soy sauce that comes with supermarket sushi.

Sushi restaurants give people little dishes for their soy sauce, but supermarket sushi traditionally just comes with a little packet or container of soy sauce, with no obvious place to put it. Many people just squirt the soy sauce into the lid of the sushi container, but often that makes the soy sauce spread out too far into a thin layer instead of a useful little puddle. Balancing one end of the sushi lid on something like a pencil or a book can help keep the tray at an angle, to keep the soy sauce concentrated at one end, but that’s not exactly precise.

Now, according to Rocket News 24, the Summit grocery store chain in Japan appears to have solved the problem by coming out with sushi packaging where there is a little indentation in the plastic lid, just the right size and shape to be an on-the-go soy sauce dish. All a person has to do is remove the top of the sushi box and flip it over, and there’s a convenient soy sauce dipping area right there.

“THIS! This is what I’ve been wanting for so long,” cried a Twitter user going by chibannf, who just discovered the packaging and posted a photo to Twitter.


This really does seem like an extremely useful solution to a very common sushi-eating problem.