Summer Sunset Big Green Egg Grilling Deliciousness

Enjoy a late summer grill on The Big Green Egg

There are few places on Earth more comfortable to me than my own backyard. And since Father's Day of this year, when my wife and kids presented me with the gift a a Big Green Egg, I have found myself making excuses for spending even more time there. For those of you grilling Neanderthals that don't know what a Big Green Egg, you can find more information here.

I got my first experience cooking on a Big Green Egg with my friend, a Lt. Col in the Marine Corp (Semper Fi, boys).  He very blunted stated that "no finer food has ever crossed my lips," and at the time I could only respond with a sir, yes sir. However, when that meal of chicken was served, I had to agree, that was pretty damn good chicken, oorah!

As time went on, he experimented with brisket, roasts, pork shoulders, and a parade of other meats and cuts that seemed to get better one after the other. It seemed everytime I tried to compete with my propane-fired shiny grill, I was one-upped by his mastery of all things BBQ. I always attributed this delicious of the meals to his secret, magical grilling ability. Turns out I was being suckered... the magic was the man, it was the grill; it was indeed the Big Green Egg (BGE for short).

This was proven true on that fateful Father's Day eve. The following is a recount of the first, and so far still my favorite, recipe that I fired on my very own BGE that night.

It started with a trip to my local grocery store. I acquired thick-cut, bone-in pork chops, 1 inches to 1 1/4 inches should do. I also grabbed a package of applewood-smoked jalapeño bacon, some cilantro, and a block of Gouda cheese.

See the full recipe here, but the basics are as follows:

  • Open up a pocket in the pork chop
  • Shred the cheese
  • Cook (to crispy) the bacon
  • Bacon bit the bacon
  • Rinse and chop the cilantro
  • Mix cilantro, bacon, and cheese in a bowl.... really well
  • Stuff pork chop with mix, fire up the BGE
  • GRILL!

The results were, well, amazing.  It is the first meal that my wife ever asked me to prepare again. It seems that I was suckered yet again, this time into cooking more of the meals at our house. But being suckered has never been so delicious.


It is still my favorite and I find myself inviting friends and family over to enjoy this delicious meal with us on a regular basis. This is part of why I do love my backyard, and am happy to spend as much time as I can there.