Summer Booze Pantry

We head to Bottlerocket to get advice on what to stock up on for the start of summer
Summer Booze Pantry
Ali Rosen

Summer Booze Pantry

Everyone is excited about the start of summer, but are you ready for it? We’re sure you’ve gone out and bought your sunscreen and your new swimsuit, but there are much more important issues at hand: we are talking about having the right booze to get your summer started.

Luckily we headed over to Bottlerocket Wine and Spirits, where Tom Geniesse gave us a full list of what to have on hand for the warm months:

1. Bubbles: For those hot days and nights, you need something with a bit of bubbles. Geniesse suggests the very lightly effervescent vinho verde — his pick is Arca Nova — or a cava from Spain such as Jaume Serra Cristalino. Both bottles are also easy on the wallet at only $9 each.

2. Alternatively Packaged Spirits: If you are going to be camping, hiking, or heading to a beach, get some bottles in packaging that won’t break! He is a fan of Bandit, Fuori Strada, and Francis Ford Coppola’s Sofia.

3. One Really Great Bottle: For that special someone, you always need to have a particularly notable bottle on hand. Geniesse’s pick is Patricia Green Cellars 2011 Pinot Noir, which clocks in at $27.

4. Party-Ready Wine: To get the most bang for you buck when an impromptu party arrives, go for a high-quality box of wine, like the ones from Wineberry.

5. Bad Weather Prep: For those rainy days, be ready to make a Dark and Stormy with some rum, like Gosling's Black Seal Rum.

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Watch the video above to get the full story on each of these picks!