Sukiyabashi Jiro And More 3-Starred Sushi Around The Globe

Last month, The Daily Meal gave you a first taste of the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi plus an exclusive talk with the director, David Gelb. Now that the movie is getting rave reviews (97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes so far), we've been craving some high-class sushi.

Of course, the famed chef's Sukiyabashi Jiro is a 10-seat spot and sits in a Tokoyo subway station. If you can't get in (Jaunted reports that reservations are made months in advance), other three-Michelin-starred sushi places — some in the States — are just as inviting. A list of other famed sushi spots to hit up:

New York City's Masa, located in Union Square, has a simple but elegant menu. Says its web site, it aims to be in the "shibui" style, "devoid of unnecessary elements" with an "honest presentation of elements." At the 26-seat restaurant, patrons can dine on a prix fixe menu — complete with appetizers, nearly 20 different kinds of fish, and dessert — for about $500. You know the menu will be legendary when the man behind it, chef Masa, has also a Mobil 5-Star award and a New York Times four-star review in addition to his Michelin stars.

Eater rounds up the number of three-Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan (now beating France with seven more top-rated restaurants), several of which are sushi spots. Among the top pics: Nihonryori RyuGin, or number 20 on the list of the Top 50 Best Restaurants. A new addition to the three-starred life, the restaurant gives a taste of classic Japanese cuisine with specialized sashimi, "Ichiban Dashi" soup, the original "Genmaicha Soba Noodle," and its original "Roppongi Pudding."

Need convincing to visit Tokoyo's Araki restaurant? Check out how chef Patron Mitsuhiro Araki delicately cuts up his sashimi — it'll get your mouth watering. While Time Out reports that a meal can cost about 21,000 yen, rest assured it's worth the price.

Last on the very long list: Kanda, whose main man, chef Patron Hiroyuki Kanda, is trained in kaiseki. Expect a contemporary menu that changes each season, plus top-shelf wines and sakes.