Drive Your Sleigh Over To Target For A Sugar Plum ICEE

Do visions of sugar plums dance in your head at this time of year? How about visions of a sugar plum ICEE? If you're not opposed to an icy cold drink even in winter, get yourself to a Target store soon, where the holiday-themed drink is now being offered.

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The special flavor is pretty as well as seasonal – its light pink hue makes it very Instagram-ready.

"It is a light pink color, and a wintery berry blend with a citrus twist," an ICEE spokesperson told The Daily Meal in an email. "It is really magical and meant to evoke the holiday fun and excitement about the holidays."

At least one Twitter user had a different comparison other than berry and citrus for the flavor, saying the frozen drink, "tastes like bubblegum."

You can only get the sugar plum ICEE at Target stores. Although it's a limited-time-only flavor, you'll still have some time to try one after the December holiday craziness dies down. It's available through Jan. 31.

Wondering what the heck a sugar plum is, anyway? They're not even plums, they're candies. The original sugar plums date back to the 1600s, and were "hardened sugar balls surrounding a seed, nut, or spice."

More recently, the term is used either for plum-flavored and plum-shaped candy, or for homemade treats made from chopped fruit and almonds rolled into balls and covered in sugar or shredded coconut. If the mere thought of sugar plums, even in ICEE form, makes you think of holidays gone by, check out 35 vintage holiday recipes for a classic Christmas.