Vampires, Beware: Subway Now Sells Two Subs On Cheesy Garlic Bread

Now this is a sandwich bread for the upper crust

Subway has long offered different bread choices with its made-to-order sandwiches, but the chain is really going against the grain with its newest offering. Customers can now order either the ultimate meatball marinara sub or the ultimate spicy Italian sub on Subway’s new ultimate cheesy garlic bread.

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“Yeah, you heard that right,” the restaurant’s online menu brags. “Bread toasted with garlic butter spread, parmesan and melted mozzarella to gooey, bubbling perfection.”

The meatball marinara sub features meatballs served in tasty tomato sauce, while the spicy Italian sub mixes pepperoni and Genoa salami. The garlic bread option is only available through Feb. 27. While you're at Subway, pick up another new item, the new mint-chocolate chip cookies, also at participating locations for a limited time only.

mint cookie


This isn’t the first time Subway has tried a garlic bread offering, but it’s much fancier and sounds much tastier this time around. Food blog Brand Eating points out that in 2013, the chain sold a simpler take on garlic bread, just Italian bread sprinkled with garlic powder and parsley. The new bread sounds much more appetizing. If you’re taking the subway to Subway now, here are 14 things you didn’t know about Subway.