Subway Makes Riblets From Soy

Subway launches vegan test in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Facebook/Compassion Over Killing

As part of a test of the vegan market, Subway has managed to make riblets out of soy.

The vegan test is occurring in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., where residents will have the opportunity to determine for themselves if ribs made of soy protein are sci-fi genius, or unpleasantly alien. In addition to the Sweet Riblet sandwich, the vegan test includes Malibu Greek and Italian Black Bean varieties.

Animal advocacy group Compassion Over Killing is taking partial claim for the vegan move, saying it has been campaigning for the sandwich chain to add protein-heavy vegan offerings like these. It also notes that Subway's Italian bread is vegan, but other varieties may not necessarily be.

Since the test is happening in their area, DCist sent a reporter down to try the things, and apparently they're not half bad.

"Though the ribs emerge from a vacuum-sealed pouch that's quickly microwaved before being unceremoniously plopped on your choice of bread… they tasted like, well, ribs," DCist's Martin Austermuhle wrote. It might not be the most effusive review, but for a quick-service sandwich made of soy protein, "tastes like ribs" is practically a glowing endorsement.

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