Study Finds People Lose Taste as They Age and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, Kim Jong-Il's sushi chef spills secrets, plus is fro-yo taking over Manhattan?
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
Your favorite retail stores (think Tommy Bahama, Urban Outfitters) have actually been operating restaurants in prime locations, and it might become more popular. [BusinessWeek]

Kim Jong-Il's former sushi chef shares a little about the former North Korean leader, saying toro was his favorite sushi. [Atlantic Wire]

Newark Mayor Cory Booker decided to live off food stamps for a week. He's already missing coffee. [CBS]

A McDonald's employee was allegedly attacked over a piece of cheese that wasn't supposed to be on a hamburger. [HuffPo]

Forget dirty water dogs and pizza; Is fro-yo becoming the next New York food? (Our answer: No.) [New York Observer]

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Fast-Food Workers Continue to Rally for Living Wages

Apparently, as we get older, our sense of taste diminishes, but it's not because of our aging taste buds. Blame your nose, instead. [NY Times]