A Student's Essential Guide To London

When students come to London, laying out cash for food is usually not the priority. Although the $1,000 plane ticket into Heathrow may be accompanied by the desire to try the delights that the English have to offer, the value of the British pound and the myth that English food is not very appetizing can cause some travelers to overlook the enormous variety of enjoyable food.

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Contrary to popular belief, though, you could spend years trying all of the different cuisines and treats available in London and never get close to tasting everything.  However, if you are studying in London or visiting the city for a limited time, there are a few stops that can't be missed, like a trip to the Golden Hind for fish and chips and afternoon tea at one of London's most notable hotels.  

Even if you don't get around to trying any of these dishes, there is one more thing you absolutely must do: resist the urge to hit up chains like McDonalds or Chipotle! London has too much amazing and unique food for you to eat chicken nuggets and burrito bowls that you can get back home...

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