Japan Gets Strawberry Shortcake Fried Noodles for Christmas

A new Christmas flavor of instant noodles tastes like strawberries and cake
Strawberry Instant Yakisoba


Japan is getting ready for Christmas with a new strawberry shortcake flavored variety of instant fried yakisoba noodles. 

If there’s ever a time when consumers are feeling generous and full of good will, it’s Christmas, so it makes a certain amount of sense that an instant noodle company would choose that holiday as the time to test out a weird new flavor. It might take a lot of good will towards men to make the newest treat a success, though, because their new flavor is beef fried noodles with strawberry shortcake on top.

According to Rocket News 24, the Ippei-chan brand of instant yakisoba is adding shortcake-flavored fried noodles to its lineup in December. The noodles start with the standard beef sauce, but then they added fruit paste, mango chutney, and vanilla. It will be topped with vanilla-flavored mayo, and it will be topped with dried strawberries, yogurt cubes, and colorful sugar sprinkles.

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If all that were to appear on a cake, it would not be unexpected. But tossing a bunch of cake toppings onto a plate of instant beef fried noodles is another thing entirely. The new noodle flavor goes on sale on December 5 for about $1.50 per package, so at least the brave souls who try it out won’t be out a ton of money if it’s awful.