Strangest Food and Drink Moments with the Stanley Cup Slideshow


Erik Cole: Applejacks

According to the Stanley Cup Journal, Erik Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes let his children Bella and Landon eat their Applejacks out of the Stanley Cup.

Sean O'Donnell: Dog Food

According to the Hall of Fame, Sean O'Donnell of the Anaheim Ducks served his black Labrador Retriever "Buddy" a meal out in the Stanley Cup in 2007. 


Reuters reported that his teammate, goalie Jean-Sebastien Giguere did the same thing. Not really very original ABC reported that in 1980, New York Islander Clark Gillies did it too. 

Montreal Wanderers: Gum

According to ABC, in the early 1900s one of the Montreal Wanderers — who also operated a bowling alley — used the Stanley Cup to hold gum and cigars in a trophy case there.

Tomas Holmstrom: Pitepalt

After winning the Stanley Cup in 2008, Tomas Holmstrom of the Detroit Red Wings brought the trophy to his hometown Piteå in Sweden that summer, where it was used in the baptism of his niece... and also as a serving dish for pitepalt, Swedish stuffed potato dumplings.

Martin Brodeur: Popcorn

After winning the Stanley Cup in 2003, New Jersey Devil's goalie Martin Brodeur supposedly took it to the movies so his kids could eat popcorn out of it.

Ed Olczyk: Oats

It's commonly accepted on the Interwebs that New York Ranger Ed Olczyk took the Stanley Cup to the Belmont racetrack and let Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin use it as a feed bag. Not so fast reports the Hockey Hall of Fame: "That's not true," Eddie says. "I took the Cup to the Meadowlands one night and to Belmont Park the next day. I saw Go For Gin in the winner's circle, but no horse ate out of the Cup while it was with me."

Brian Noonan and Nick Kypreos: Raw Clams and Oysters

After 54 years without having won the Stanley Cup and hearing all those "1940" chants, there was some steam to blow off. Thus the crazy stories associated with the 1994 Rangers. Sports Illustrated reported that Brian Noonan and Nick Kypreos brought the Cup on MTV Prime Time Beach House where it was dressed in a T-shirt, baseball cap, and false mustache, then stuffed with raw clams and oysters.

Patrick Kane: Chicken Wings

Reuters reported that Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks celebrated winning in 2010 by loading the Stanley Cup with greasy chicken wings.

Tripe Soup

While he didn't specify where, when, how, or who did it, Reuters' Frank Pingue did report that the Stanley Cup had been used as a bowl for "soup made from cows' intestines."

A Coffee Urn?

The curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame, Phil Pritchard, related a bizarre encounter to Reuters of being at a celebrity golf tournament when a woman mistook the Stanley Cup for a coffee urn. A coffee urn?

Annals of Drinking

Champagne, beer, wine, you name it. Players, celebrities, and revelers who happen across the Cup celebrate by drinking alcohol out of it. You'd take a few gulps too if you came across players partying with it. You've got to think after all, that's how it ended up at the bottom of Mario Lemieux's swimming pool in 1991, right?


Consider though, the cup has also supposedly been used as a chamber pot on several occasions. Once in 1940, when supposedly, Ranger Hall of Famer Lynn Patrick and teammates urinated on it. And The Star reported that Detroit Red Wing veteran Kris Draper's diaperless newborn daughter did exactly what you'd expect a diaperless baby would do in it:


"A week after we won it, I had my newborn daughter in there and she pooped in the Cup," said Draper. "That was something. We had a pretty good laugh. It was, well, clean it out. I still drank out of it that night, so no worries."