Stop Blaming Diet Drinks for Sugar Cravings

A new study found that diet drinks don't make you crave fast food, sugar

Diet soda drinkers no longer have a scapegoat for their latest nacho cravings; while past research suggested that artificial hormones might cause people to eat more (thanks to disrupted hormones controlling hunger), a new study found that in the short term, diet soda has the same effect as water on your appetite.

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined the diet habits of two groups, one group which drank water and another which drank diet drinks. Surprisingly, the group which drank diet drinks actually ended up eating fewer desserts (although the group which drank water did eat more fruits and vegetables).

Both groups, comprised of volunteers who did want to lose weight, ended up eating the same amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein, saturated fats, sugars, etc. "Our study does not provide evidence to suggest that short-term consumption of [diet beverages], compared with water, increases preferences for sweet foods and beverages," the study said.


So blaming artificial sweeteners for your sweet tooth? Not gonna fly anymore.