The Stevia-Sweetened Sprite Has Arrived

The UK version of Sprite will now have 30 percent less calories

It looks like Coca-Cola has finally taken the plunge with a naturally sweetened soda. After it was reported that PepsiCo and Coca-Cola were trying out all sorts of new formulas for a healthier diet soda, the UK branch of Coca-Cola has released its Stevia-sweetened Sprite. 

The new Sprite will have 30 percent less calories, reports The Daily Mail; but what's more notable is that the new formula of Sprite will eventually replace the full-calorie Sprite. "We are introducing Sprite with Stevia in the UK. This will contain 30 percent fewer calories and, instead of being added as a mid-calorie addition to the Sprite range, it will completely replace the current Sprite," read a statement from the UK Coca-Cola. (Sprite Zero, the Sprite with zero calories, will still be available.) 


No one's sure whether Coca-Cola will introduce the Stevia-sweetened drink over in the U.S., but the company (and PepsiCo) has been experimenting with new formulas in sodas in select U.S. markets since the summer.