Steven Raichlen's Grilling Wish List

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Check out the grill master's suggestions for Father's Day gift ideas
Steven Raichlen

Steven Raichlen

Getting a present for dad is always a difficult task — at least it is for me. A tie? Golf clubs? The same cologne you got him last year? Instead of wasting time and money on useless products, we decided to ask the grilling master Steven Raichlen what would be on his wish list if he didn’t already have every barbecue tool and piece of equipment known to man.

Host of the television show Primal Grill and author of the best-selling Barbecue Bible cookbook series, Raichlen knows a thing or two about cooking on the grill. He says that there are about four essential tools that everyone should have plus some fun accessories/specialized equipment. We compiled his list below, plus came up with some fun ones of our own. Let us know what you end up buying your dad or if you have other go-to gift ideas!


Essential Accessories

1. A Long-Handled, Stiff-Wired Grill Brush

Perfect for cleaning the grill. (Photo courtesy of

2. A Long-Handled, Spring-Loaded Tong

That’s for moving your food around on the grill.


3. Instant-Read Thermometer.

This is a product that I don't actually manufacture myself and buy it from a company called ThermaWorks. It’s a great instand-read meat thermometer and comes in a variety of different colors, which is always fun. (Photo courtesy of ThermaWorks)

4. A Pair of Good Heavy, Suede Grill Gloves

Why? So you don’t burn your hands. 


Fun Accessories

1. Rib Rack

This enables you to cook four racks of ribs upright, in a space you’d normally only be able to fit one or two racks. (Photo courtesy of


2. Jalapeño Pepper Rack

This is great for making grilled poppers. People always love those. (Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma)




3. A Beer Can Chicken Roaster

It’s something that’s been around the block, but everyone loves it. (Photo courtesy of




4. A Shellfish Rack

This enables you to grill oysters or clams. (Photo courtesy of