Steve Carell Is Going To Carbo-Load For Doomsday

Hollywood has done it again. With Seeking a Friend for the End of the World hitting theaters this Friday, audiences will once again be asking themselves: what do you do when there is an asteroid headed for Earth? Fortunately, Steve Carell shared how he would spend his final days, and most of his plans involve food. 

Start working up an appetite. The actor told Screen Crush that he plans on eating an enormous pizza the moment that asteroid hits Earth. And he won't just be eating pizza. Future archaeologists will be able to find Carell in a time capsule, wearing a shirt splattered with "pizza-sauce stains, and perhaps some BBQ."

But Carell realizes that his last weeks on Earth probably won't be spent in four-star restaurants.

"Of course then you start thinking, well, is anything going to be open?" he explained on the TODAY. "You know, I'd love to go to a great restaurant, have a wonderful meal. Yeah like they're going to stay there, in order to serve me a wonderful meal."

Even if all of the grocery stores and restaurants are closed, that won't stop Carell from eating anything and everything in his sight.

"I would eat so much crap if I knew that we just had a couple of weeks left," he said. "I just want deep-fried. I want pasta. I'm going to carbo-load for doomsday."

With last month's rumored zombie apocalypse, and the Mayan's 2012 end of the world predictions, it looks like it might just be time for Carell to start stocking his pantry.