Stephen Colbert Responds To Domino's Pizza Drone

While we might associate drones with the military and sci-fi movies, we don't picture them delivering pizza to our doors. In Tuesday night's The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert praised (and tried to seduce) the Domino's pizza drone.

Last month, the "DomiCopter," designed by British creative agency T + Biscuits, took ten minutes to fly two large pizzas through Guildford, a city outside of London, NBC News reported. A pilot operated the drone prototype, and the pizzas arrived at its destination in perfect shape.

In yesterday's show, Colbert responded, "One of the many things I love about this country is that we are constantly inventing to make food get in my face. We have delivery service, drive-thrus, food trucks, [and] legend even tells of some places where we go inside to eat." The pizza drone, he adds, is "a great way to make our drone program more appealing to Americans," because who would object against being "targeted with a Cali Bacon Chicken Ranch?"

One thing he doesn't like about the drone, he said, is that it could "fundamentally alter the basic erotic nature of the customer-pizza delivery guy relationship." It looks like his dreamt sexual encounter with the drone didn't go too well.