Stephanie Izard's Little Goat To Open Friday

Finally; two weeks after a soft opening of Little Goat Bakery, Stephanie Izard's new Chicago restaurant Little Goat is expected to open all its doors this Friday.

The Top Chef winner first announced the restaurant back in August, slating an opening for October; two weeks ago, the doors to Little Goat Bakery, the adjacent bread and coffee shop, opened. Tomorrow, Chicagoist reports that the entire restaurant will open its doors, complete with a kitchen event space on the second floor.

The restuarant, which features a 1950's diner vibe, will reportedly serve up Fat Elvis waffles with bananas, peanut butter, and maple-bacon syrup, not to mention a sloppy joe, beef cheek stroganoff, quail egg chop suey, and a patty melt.

In a statement released August, Izard said she wanted to recreate the diners she frequented while growing up on the East Coast. "I've always wanted to recreate that classic feel but bring my passion for working with local, fresh ingredients to the diner world," Izard said. "I also wanted to create a spot in the West Loop neighborhood, where at all times of the day, you could grab delicious food whether you were on the go, or wanted a comfortable place to sit with family or friends." Check out the menu for Little Goat Bread online; the restaurant is located at 820 W. Randolph Street in Chicago.