Stephanie Izard's Eggplant Naan and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, radishes and strawberries get the limelight, plus fire-roasted berries

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

LA Times
An amazingly creamy, non-fishy chowder and biscuits from Nova Scotia.

NY Times
What to do with clams? Easy: Broil green clams with a bacon-y crumble.

SF Chronicle
It's right about time to whip out a classic peach melba.

Simple, delicious, and unique? Make blueberry dumplings, with a soft dough similar to chicken and dumplings dropped over stewed blueberries (and a touch of cold cream). We want that in our mouths.

Chicago Tribune
For an easy dessert, grab the best you can and indulge in a little zabaglione custard.

Seattle Times
Take snow peas and shiitake mushrooms, toss them with some grilled teriyaki steak, and you've got an enviable salad.

Kitchen Daily
Literally the best thing to do with berries: Fire-roast them, toss them on crostini, and serve.

Portland Press Herald
Adding pepper to sweets is our new favorite trick. Try it in this strawberry, black pepper, and orange pound cake.

Washington Post
Forget cronuts; make cake truffles with old donuts, like these blueberry-lime donut truffles.


Wall Street Journal
Chicago favorite Stephanie Izard shares her recipe for naan topped with eggplant caponata, yogurt, and tarragon.