Stein Haus Opening Brings Beer Back To Outer Southeast

It is not rare to report the opening of a new beer bar, but the return of a long-closed old one is exceedingly special, so we are happy to announce the return of the Stein Haus to the craft beer desert of SE 82nd Avenue in Portland. From the owners of Roscoe's, Jeremy Lewis and Quyen Nguyen, the SteinHaus was once an outer southeast haven for good beer and live music; later it became Agenda, and finally closed before Roscoe's became the beer destination it is now. The Stein Haus has not just reopened, but is also a different beast than the original incarnation. As co-owner Jeremy Lewis explains it, "The business will be different from what it was in the past because we have a vision for what we want it to be. We are focused on a great German beer line-up, which will also embrace the great Oregon brewed German-style beers that are available right here in our own back yard."
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