Waitress Accidentally Drops Cocaine Stash In The Worst Possible Place

If a person intends to carry illegal drugs into the workplace, it would be best for that person to keep very close track of their possessions at all times, as a waitress at a Steak 'n Shake in Chattanooga, Tennessee, discovered this week when she accidentally dropped her secret stash of cocaine into the drink of a police officer she was serving.


According to Click Orlando, Steak 'n Shake waitress Jekieva Yearby was preparing an order when a little plastic bag of cocaine accidentally fell out of her server's book and fell into one of the drinks she was preparing. Unfortunately for her, the cocaine landed in the drink of off-duty Hamilton County police officer Rick Wolfe.


Yearby reportedly admitted the cocaine was hers, and said that it had fallen out by accident and she had not actually intended to put it in the policeman's drink. Surveillance footage reportedly indicated that it did look like an accident when the cocaine fell out.


Yearby also admitted to having another bag of cocaine hidden in her bra. She was arrested and fired from Steak 'n Shake — home of the infamous 7-patty burger  — and she now faces charges of assault, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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