Stay Connected With Sophisticated Locca GPS Locators



If you've ever had something stolen, or lost, life would have been a lot easier if you had a locating device. LoccaPhone and LoccaMini are small tracking gadgets that can be easily affixed on a pet's collar, your bicycle, dropped in your purse, left in your car, or slipped in your kid's pocket. Whatever you choose to use them for, Locca keeps you connected when you want to be. With a battery life of one month, both versions are equipped with live tracking, Bluetooth, a beeper and LED light, and have a motion and crash sensor. Both are shockproof and waterproof, but only the larger LoccaPhone is capable of WiFi and has a speaker, microphone, and emergency dial buttons (ideal for kids and the elderly). Locca pairs with your smartphone or tablet, and is currently available through Indiegogo for a starting price of $134.