State Fair of Texas: A Tradition Since 1886

The State Fair of Texas, family fun and fried food!

The State Fair is nothing short of an extravaganza.

One of the most storied and most popular events in the state of Texas is the State Fair of Texas.

Initially opening back in 1886, it was quickly a success and has always been an annual destination for families all across Texas and even the rest of the U.S. There are plenty of activities for everyone, including rides, music, and exhibits including livestock, museums, and autos.

Your kids will love the Children’s Medical Center Barnyard and the chance it offers to get up close and personal with the animals. We have a feeling mom and dad will look forward to Celebrity Kitchen and the football games. Three separate college games will take place, including the hotly anticipated Red River Rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma.

And then there’s the food. We can’t forget about that! The State of Texas Fair has become famous for the wide variety food served. When most people think of state fair food, their first thought is probably cotton candy and all things fried. While that sounds good to me, this is Texas and things are done bigger here. A huge variety of food is offered. Everything from good ol’ American food to Greek, Mexican, and Caribbean fare is offered. There are also plenty of cooking demonstrations from celebrity chefs and of course lots of fried food. Yes, yes there are the usual fried potatoes and corn dogs but there are also plenty of other more interesting things choose from. Ever had fried Coca-Cola? How about a fried bacon cinnamon roll or chicken fried cactus bites? I know your interest is piqued!


Just give in and come on out. We’ll be sure to put an extra brisket in the pit for y’all.