Stat-Feast: Grub Street's Food Chain

Grub Street's Food Chain kicked off in July of 2009 with Charlie Palmer of Aureole in New York who described Chef Jason Berthold's duck cassoulet at RN74 as "flawless." So too the feature. Simple. Democratic. Informative. It's the kind of thing editors see and say, "We need to create something like that." If you want to geek out, here's a look at how the Food Chain breaks down by the numbers after a year. To read an analysis of the statistics, check out the article, Breaking Down the Food Chain.


Cities Where Dishes Were Mentioned
New York City: 24
San Francisco: 11
Los Angeles: 9
Chicago: 5
Philly: 5
Oakland: 3
Boston: 2
Yountville: 1

Featured Restaurants by Cuisine
American: Father's Office, Gotham Bar & Grill, Tavern, Prune, Animal, Camino, Canele, Marlow & Sons, North Pond, Back Forty, Alinea, Colicchio & Sons, Traif, Porterhouse New York, Providence, Bar Jules, Spago
Italian: Baretta, Incanto, George's Sandwich Shop, Villa de Roma, Peasant, Marea, Osteria, Accademia di Vino, Osteria Mozza, Torrisi Italian Specialties, Il Buco
French: RN74, Ouest, Bouchon, Le Bernardin, L20, Comme Ca, Bar Boulud, Isa, Pigalle Boston
Japanese: Bar Masa, Nombe, EN Japanese Brasserie, Kajitsu, Oishii Boston, Ino Sushi, Kappou Gomi, Tanuki Sushi
BBQ: Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Char No. 4
Gastropub: The Breslin, The Publican
Chinese: Yank Sing, South Sea Seafood Village
Wine Bar: AOC Winebar, Avec
Mexican: Sueños
Belgian: Resto
Vietnamese: O Sandwiches
Spanish: Tinto
Bakery: Bakesale Betty

Cuisines by the Numbers
European: 22
American: 17
Asian: 11
Italian: 11
French: 9
Japanese: 8
Vietnamese: 1
Chinese: 2
Mexican: 1
Belgian: 1
Spanish: 1
Mexican: 1

Notable Categories
Pastas/Grains: 6
Vegetable: 6
Sandwich: 5
Salads: 4
Burger: 3
Breakfast: 2
Pizza: 2
Tacos: 2
Dumplings: 2
Soup/Stew: 1
Doughnuts: 1
Empanadas: 1
Sushi: 1

Dish by Course
Entrees: 30
Appetizers: 23
Misc: 3
Sides: 2
Desserts: 1

Dish by Central Ingredient
Pork: 12
Fish: 10
Shellfish: 8
Egg: 7
Beef: 7
Duck: 6
Offal: 6
Vegetable: 6
Chicken: 6
Potatoes: 4
Sausage: 3
Game Poultry: 3
Truffles: 2
Tofu: 2
Lamb: 1

Chef Gender by the Numbers
Male chefs: 51
Female chefs: 9
Male chef refers to dish by another male chef: 44
Male chef refers to dish by a female chef: 7
Female chef refers to dish by a male chef: 6
Female chef refers to dish by a female chef: 3

Neighborhoods Where Dishes Were Mentioned
New York City
Upper West Side: 4
East Village: 4
NoLita: 2
Flatiron: 2
Chelsea: 2
Williamsburg: 2
Carroll Gardens: 1
Meatpacking District: 1
Upper East Side: 1
Harlem: 1
Union Square: 1
West Village: 1
Midtown West: 1
Times Square/Theatre District: 1

San Francisco
SoMa: 2
Mission: 2
Richmond: 2
Noe Valley: 1
Hayes Valley: 1
Inner Sunset: 1
Marina: 1
Pacific Heights: 1
Yountville: 1

Los Angeles
Mid-City West: 2
Hollywood: 2
West Hollywood: 1
Atwater: 1
Mid Wilshire: 1
Beverly Hills: 1
Culver City: 1
Brentwood: 1

Lincoln Park: 3
West Loop: 2

Temescal: 1
Lower Hills: 1
North Oakland: 1

Italian Market: 3
Rittenhouse Square: 1
Fairmount: 1

Theater District: 1
South End: 1

Top Inter/Intra-City Love
NY ♥ NY: 10 New York chefs cited other New York chefs
SF ♥ SF: 4 chefs in San Francisco cited other chefs in San Francisco
LA ♥ NY: 5 chefs in Los Angeles cited New York chefs
NY ♥ LA: 3 chefs in New York cited chefs in L.A.
NY ♥ Philly: 3 chefs in New York cited chefs in Philadelphia
SF ♥ NY: 3 chefs in San Francisco cited New York chefs

Longest Chains
Chain went unbroken in one city between five restaurants: SF
Chain went unbroken in one city between four restaurants: NY
Chain went unbroken in one city between three restaurants: NY & Philly
Chain went unbroken in one city between two restaurants: SF, Oakland, NY

Follow the Chain: Grub Street's Food Chain Through 11/4/2010

Charlie Palmer digs the duck cassoulet at RN74 (SF).
Jason Berthold likes the fritto misto de pesci at Beretta (SF).
Ruggero Gadaldi goes for the Office burger at Father's Office (LA).
Sang Yoon likes the Shanghai soup dumplings at Yank Sing (SF).
Vera Chan-Waller goes for the uni risotto at Bar Masa (NY).
Masa Takayama likes the 'big ass pork plate' at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que (NY).
John Stage likes the house-smoked Duck Breast at Ouest (NY).
Tom Valenti likes the seafood salad at Gotham Bar and Grill (NY).
Alfred Portale likes the rilletes aux deux salmons at Bouchon Bistro (Yountville).
Jeff Cerciello likes the roasted asparagus and polenta with fried egg at Tavern (LA).
Julie Robles likes the fried-oyster omelette at Prune (NY).
Gabrielle Hamilton likes the stewed tripe hero at George's Sandwich Shop (Philly).
Mark Onorato likes the sautéed spinach at Villa di Roma (Philly).
Frank DeLuca likes the shredded chicken banh mi at O Sandwiches (Philly).

Break in the chain from 9/30/09 to 11/5/09 (14 consecutive).

David Katz of Mémé (Philly) likes the spit-roasted pig and potatoes at Peasant (NY).
Frank de Carlo likes the spinosini, langoustines, pomodoro, basil at Marea (NY).
Michael White likes the escolar at Le Bernardin (NY).
Eric Ripert likes the grilled toro at L20 (Chicago).
Laurent Gras likes the smoked salmon pizza at Spago (LA).
Thomas Boyce likes the chili and bones at Incanto (SF).
Chris Cosentino likes the chorizo-stuffed medjool dates at Avec (Chicago).
Koren Grieveson likes the Belgian hangover pasta at Resto (NY).
Christian Pappanicholas likes the rodaballo a la plantxa at Tinto (Philly).
Jose Garces likes the foie gras Loco Moco at Animal (LA).
Vinny Dotolo likes the fried chicken sandwich at Bakesale Betty (Oakland).
Alison Barakat likes Boudin blanc with duck-fat potatoes at Camino (Oakland).
Russell Moore likes the beef empanadas at Il Buco (NY).
Ignacio Mattos likes the wood-grilled poussin at Bar Jules (SF).
Jessica Boncutter liked pear, escarole, Gorgonzola & walnut salad at The Breslin (NY).
April Bloomfield likes the shredded-beef mini-tacos at Sueños (NY).
Sue Torres liked the charcuterie plate at Osteria (Philly).
Marc Vetri liked the spiced pork rinds at The Publican (Chicago).
Brian Huston liked the fried chicken sandwich at Canele (LA).
Aliza Miner liked the brick chicken at Marlow & Sons (NY).
Sean Rembold liked the spicy chicken wings and Japanese breakfast at Nombe (SF).
Nick Balla liked the arroz negro at AOC (LA).
Suzanne Goin liked littlenecks with grilled squid & squid ink pasta at Pigalle (Boston).
Marc Orfaly liked truffle pâté and pecorino-tartufo pizza at Accademia di Vino (NY).
Kevin Garcia liked grilled quail in pancetta with sage & honey at Osteria Mozza (LA).
Matt Molina liked the ricotta gnocchi with ramps and pecorino at Torrisi (NY).
Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone liked the lamb pastrami at Char No. 4 (NY).
Matt Greco liked the charcoal-grilled squab at Oliveto (Oakland).
Paul Canales liked dandied beets, duck pastrami & beet sorbet at North Pond (Chicago).
Bruce Sherman liked the roasted suckling pig, porchetta style at Back Forty (NY).
Peter Hoffman liked the freshly made scooped tofu at EN Japanese Brasserie (NY).
Abe Hiroki liked the cheeseburger at Comme Ça (NY).
David Myers liked the 'Spring Thaw' at Alinea (Chicago).
Grant Achatz liked tiny vegetables & mushrooms, lotus-root gelée at Kajitsu (NY).
Masato Nishihara liked the grand dégustation de charcuterie at Bar Boulud (NY).
Daniel Boulud liked the Santa Barbara spot prawns at Providence (LA).
Michael Cimarusti liked asparagus, egg, caviar & chicken skin at Colicchio & Sons (NY).
Tom Colicchio liked the sakura-smoked Hamachi at Oishii (Boston).
Ting Yen liked the abalone shumai at South Sea Seafood Village (SF).
Terry Chan liked the potato-wrapped sea bass at Isa (SF).
Luke Sung liked the monkfish liver nigiri at Ino Sushi (SF).
Noboru Inoue liked the vegetable appetizers and agedashi tofu at Kappou Gomi (SF).
Masahiko Gomi liked Aki's 'carpaccio' at Tanuki Sushi (SF).

Break of the chain from 9/29/10 to 10/29/10 (43 consecutive posts).

Michael Solomonov liked bacon donuts, dulce de leche & coffee ice cream at Traif (NY).
Jason Marcus liked the tacos carnitas at Loteria (LA).
Jimmy Shaw liked the truffled mashed potatoes at Porter House in New York.

Molly Aronica contributed reporting.