Starbucks' Tip Controversy

A court decision has been made; Starbucks baristas must share tips with shift supervisors.

Order in the coffee shop! A lawsuit earlier this year revealed that the world’s biggest coffee chain, Starbucks, didn’t allow assistant managers to take tips because they are full-time employees. However, the counter-argument was that the assistant managers were the ones spending the most time serving up the drinks.

Well the results are in, and New York State’s highest court has come to the decision that the baristas must split the tips that they get with supervisors. According to the Associated Press, the seven-member Court of Appeals ruled that the shift supervisors will get an equal portion of the tips, but assistant managers can be excluded from the tip pools. They defended this statement with the idea that baristas and supervisor’s sole responsibility is to serve food and signature drinks, while assistant managers participate in hiring and firing workers.


“In this business, many staff members share all kinds of responsibilities, and now we have an understanding of who can participate in the tip poo,” said New York State Restaurant Association president Rick Sampson to AP.