Starbucks Rewards To Pay Off In Grocery Stores, Teavana

Looks like Starbucks fans will be pulling out their Rewards cards in grocery stores and Teavana in the upcoming months; according to a report on the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Starbucks is expanding its Rewards Stars program for Starbucks purchases in grocery stores and Teavana, starting in May.

According to the press release, Starbucks packaged coffee purchases at grocery stores and other purchases at Starbucks-owned stores like Teavana or Evolution Fresh will count towards My Starbucks Rewards Stars, meaning you could potentially get a free drink from kind of cheating on Starbucks with non-coffee orders.

In fact, starting in April, customers who use their Starbucks Card or Starbucks mobile app will be able to earn stars at Teavana, slowly solidifying Starbucks' dominance over the drink world. Add on the fact that more than 3 million Starbucks orders were paid with their mobile payments per week, and you've got at least 3 million more loyal Teavana fans.