Starbucks Opens First Pop-Up Store in Tokyo

Starbucks is looking to beat the tough competition in Tokyo for coffee lovers' hearts

The new Starbucks pop-up in Tokyo offers a sleek experience resident coffee lovers.

With Starbucks' massive global expansion, it may be no surprise that the coffee giant has its hands full with new stores in India, China, Costa Rica, and more. But there's one specific market that the coffee chain is courting: Tokyo. The coffee-loving city is now home to a new Starbucks pop-up store, open this week, to attract customers divided by the ever-growing café culture. 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the pop-up store presents a much different experience than you'd find in American store. Gone are the Frappuccinos and the beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte. The airy, spacious rented storefront has limited drinks on the menu, some Starbucks classics (like the white mocha) and some new drinks: the Double Short Classic Latte and the Double Short Classic Cappuccino. The drinks have a bit more cream and sugar than a normal latte and cappuccino. And the menus aren't up on the wall, but in customer's hands: each customer presents a book printed with the name of the drink he wants to the register, and gets to even keep it as a momento. 

The baristas have said that guests are eating it up: each morning, there's been about 50 people in line for a cup. We'd love it, too, if we were getting free tote bags and latte-art demonstrations. 

So why the move to Tokyo? In a city filled with coffee shops, and where McDonald's lattes are half the price, Starbucks has some serious compettion. Will the move work? Better check it out before it closes shop Sept. 30.