Starbucks To Launch Single-Serving Coffee Machine

Like that (slightly annoying) type-A overacheiver that was in everyone's class in high school, Starbucks and it's many, many projects can be difficult to keep up with. They're entering the juice bar business! They're launching a new roast style! They're rolling out gourmet concept stories! Good luck to anyone who can keep it all straight — especially now, after the announcement that the brand will soon be launching its own single-cup coffee machine.

Called the Verismo, the machine will be available for purchase online, as well as in select specialty stores and Starbucks branches this fall. In a webcast following the announcement, CEO Howard Schultz explained that the new venture is part of the company's "broad-based, long-term strategy" for their involvement in the multi-billion dollar single-serve coffee industry.

For those of you wondering the fate of the Starbucks' existing line of K-cup packs for Green Mountain Coffee's Keurig machines — not to worry, they'll still be available when the Verismo launches. As Schultz made clear, "They can and they will co-exist." It seems the new machine will be directed toward more "serious" coffee drinkers, and will have the ability to make espresso drinks.

Well, this certainly explains the rumblings of a turf war between Starbucks and Nespresso.