Starbucks To Launch New Iced Coffee Line

Lovers of Starbucks' iced coffee have something to be excited about this cold month — Starbucks has announced a new line of bottled ice coffees, to be rolled out in stores nationwide over the next three months. 

BevNet reports that the drinks are being tested in markets in Boston, Hartford, Conn., New York, and Philadelphia now. The Iced Coffee line comes in three flavors: Coffee + Milk, Coffee + Milk (Low Calorie), and Vanilla. (Later, a Caramel flavor will be added to the lineup, but exclusively for East Coast consumers.) The drinks are a healthier alternative to another one of Starbucks' ready-to-drink beverages, the bottled Frappuccino. The bottled Frappuccinos have about 3 grams of fat and 200 calories per 9.5-ounce bottle, while the Iced Coffees have 1/2 gram of fat and about 120 calories. 

It's clear that on top of its coffee, juice, and pastry domination, Starbucks is looking to maintain its hold on the iced coffee market. The company noted in a statement that one in five Starbucks drinks sold in their locations is a cold coffee beverage, and iced coffee is "driving the greatest growth." Plus, Starbucks also has a hold on the ready-to-drink coffee products, which include the bottled Frappuccino, Doubleshot, and products from its sister coffee chain, Seattle's Best. (In other news, Seattle's Best debuted a frozen coffee blend in the freezer aisle.) In 2012, Starbucks had $1.1 billion in sales from its bottled coffee beverages.