Starbucks Japan Gets White Chocolate Matcha Frappuccino

Matcha Frappuccinos are hugely popular at Starbucks locations around Japan, and the new limited-edition version will almost certainly be as well, because Starbucks Japan just quietly released a limited-edition line of drinks including a white chocolate matcha Frappuccino.

According to Rocket News 24, the news of the new holiday drinks was actually sneaked out to customers via handwritten notes posted around the stores just a few days in advance. It did not take long for the new drinks to be all over Instagram, though.

The new lineup includes a white chocolate matcha Frappuccino, where the sweetness of the chocolate and the bitterness of the matcha are designed to blend together into a sophisticated sort of balance. There's also a hot white chocolate matcha that's frothy and rich and covered in a cross-hatch pattern of matcha syrup.

Customers were reportedly excited by the news of the undercover specialty drink release, but the white chocolate matcha lineup is only intended for about 10 days. They debuted today and will disappear after Christmas, so people will have to get their Instagram photos taken very quickly.