Starbucks to Introduce a New Frappuccino and New Healthy Foods

Want a salad to balance out the sugar content from the newest Starbucks Frappuccino?

What are the newest items on the Starbucks menu?

Starbucks is following up on its newest drink, the Hazelnut Macchiato, with more drinks for spring and summer — and salads and healthy snacks to balance out the sugar in those drinks. 

Our sources tell us that the next seasonal Frappuccino to hit menus this spring and summer will be the Caramel Ribbon Frappuccino. How is that different from the traditional caramel Frappuccino already on the menu? It has four different kinds of caramel on it: a dark caramel sauce, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and a new crunch caramel sugar topping. And nope, this drink does not come in a light version, but you can get the light Frappuccino base syrup with no whipped cream and nonfat milk to make it, uh, less filling. Also coming back by popular demand is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino, the rich mocha indulgence. 

Also getting a lot of attention are the new food offerings: the salad bowls. Look for the Chicken and Greens Caesar Salad Bowl, the Zesty Chicken and Black Bean Salad Bowl, and the Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl ( this one's for Colorado only) soon. There will also be a new lineup of deli sandwiches and Piadina wraps for lunch options. And, to go the completely unhealthy route, you can get the new Sweet Lemon Cake Pop or the Bavarian-style pretzels. 


Also coming out? The ready-to-drink Starbucks Iced Coffee lineup, in select stores only. We'd prefer the real thing, but it's good to have something on the go.