Starbucks Getting in on the Energy Drink Business

They are just everywhere these days

Starbucks Refresher

Man, Starbucks is really stepping up their game. Not only do they have that single-serving cups deal and the new juice bar brand, now they're expanding into the energy drink arena.

The company has launched something called Starbucks Refreshers, made with "green coffee extract." The press release pumps it up as a "thirst-quenching, delicious, low-calorie refreshment with a boost of natural energy from caffeine and fruit juice."

Refreshers, which come in raspberry pomegranate, orange melon, and strawberry lemonade flavors, are not as heavy as a coffee since the beans are unroasted. The "lightly sparkling" drinks are available now in certain grocery stores, but they'll be all over the place come May. But seriously, Starbucks. Please calm down. You're already the most-liked brand on Facebook.