Starbucks Expands Evolution Fresh With New Factory

Starbucks is pouring more resources in its Evolution Fresh juices, hoping it will see a big payback. Reuters reports that the company is opening a new factory in Southern California for its Evolution Fresh bottled drinks. 

It's a sign that the company is banking on the growth of the cold juice market; it bought Evolution Fresh last November for $30 million. Evolution juices supposedly has an advantage over competitors, since more of the nutrients are preserved through a process called high-pressure pasteurization, which doesn't heat the juice. 

Plus, Starbucks announced three new flavors of Evolution Fresh drinks: Cucumber Pineapple Ginger, Pineapple Coconut Water, and Spicy Lemonade. They will be available in natural health stores and Evolution locations on the West Coast, reports the LA Times. Plus, a new Evolution store will open in San Francisco, in addition to the two locations in Washington.