Starbucks China Now Serving Frozen Dumplings

Too bad these frozen concoctions are only available at Chinese Starbucks!

Celebrate everyone’s favorite mythical fire-breathing creature with a cool concoction from Starbucks China. Starbucks China has announced the arrival of the limited time-offer of summer Dragon Dumplings just in time for the annual dragon boat races that have been a part of Chinese summer culture for over two millennia. The frozen treats resemble dumplings and are filled with shaved ice and coffee, tea, and fruit flavors.

The flavors offered this year include strawberry and cream, Earl Grey jelly, mango, green tea and red bean, and coffee almond.

There are other Starbucks summer specialties around the world, too, including the Lúcuma CrèmeFrappuccino, made from the Peruvian fruit of the same name and served only at Lima Starbucks locations. Japan has launched a banana Frappuccino in three flavors: banana, banana chocolate, and banana Frappuccino. And in Greece, customers will be treated to the yogurt Frappuccinos, made with authentic Greek yogurt.

Starbucks has not stated whether they will be bringing these tasty international creations state-side. 


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi