Starbucks To Begin Selling K-Cups In Stores

Good news for Starbucks junkies who want to brew their coffee at home: Starbucks locations will begin to sell individual K-Cups for Green Mountain Keurig coffee makers, beginning this week.

A Starbucks spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that the company will sell a $12 12-pack of medium and dark roast in stores nationwide. The K-Cups, which to date are only available in retail locations like Walmart, will arguably boost the company's already "robust" sales of K-Cups. In a letter to Starbucks employees, chief executive Howard Schultz said the company has sold more than 230 million K-Cups since its launch five months ago.

The K-Cup strategy will add to Starbucks' growing single-cup sales, with $250 million in sales from its Via Brewing packs. Plus, the move will help the makers of Keurig, Green Mountain Roasters, who has seen stocks fall by half this year amid financial scandals.