Starbucks Addicts Must Visit Stores

Visiting the Original Starbucks is a must-do for any fan, but how about a Starbucks inside a shipping container?

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The Xi’an Starbucks is one store any Starbucks lover should visit.


Located in a former bank, this Starbucks is apparently a "glimpse into Starbucks’ vision of the future." 

Shipping Container Starbucks


There’s no arguing that this new Tukila, Wash., Starbucks stands out — and for all the right reasons. Made using four reclaimed shipping containers, the design is as eco-friendly as it is innovative and, quite frankly, just plain cool looking.

Fukuoka Starbucks (Fukuoka, Japan)

RW Sinclair

The interior features some 2,000 light wood blocks interwoven throughout the length of the store. According to reports, the stunning effect is meant to evoke the look of branches in a forest, giving the impression that the store is "nestled in a tree."

Xi’an Starbucks

Flickr: Jakob Montrasio

Looking like some sort of futuristic battleship, this Starbucks in Xi’an, China (apparently the city’s first when it opened in 2007), has quite a unique exterior.

Starbucks at the Ibn Battuta Mall (Dubai, UAE)


Talk about a mall Starbucks outlet unlike any other! Located inside Dubai’s extravagantly decorated Ibn Battuta Mall (allegedly the world’s largest themed shopping mall), this Starbucks location benefits from some pretty stunning surrounding design — namely, a gorgeous, blue-and-yellow, mosaic-tiled domed ceiling and a showpiece of a chandelier.

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