Stacked Wines Pours 4 Easy Glasses

So what do you do when you want just one glass of wine, but to get it, you have to open a 750 milliliter wine bottle that pours four?

You might give up and open a beer instead. Or open the bottle anyway and try to drink it quickly before the flavor goes off.

But if you're an inventor, like Matt Zimmer, you might start doodling to come up with a better way to split that bottle of wine into four glasses.

Zimmer's doodle was the inspiration for Stacked Wines, a clever new product launched in April that delivers a bottle of wine in a stack of four individually sealed, stemless glasses.

Now if you're headed out camping, sailing, or to the beach, there's no need to worry about toting breakable glassware, corkscrews, or hiding the bottle when the lifeguards roll by. When you want a refreshing glass of chardonnay, merlot, or pinot grigio, just break one off — the site has a little interactive stack so you can practice your technique.

"The thing we hear all the time is: why didn't I think of that?" says Jodi Wynn, vice president of marketing for Stacked Wines.

It looks simple, but Zimmer, Wynn and partner Doug Allen spent 18 months developing the recyclable PET glasses and the vacuum-seals that keep the premium wine fresh for up to a year. Stacked Wines are available through the company's website and at Albertson's grocery stores in Orange County and independent wine shops in Los Angeles.

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