St. Paul's The Lexington Back On The Market

The iconic St. Paul restaurant, The Lexington, is back on the market The Pioneer Press reports. One of the current owners, John Hickey, says the buyers defaulted on the agreement just last week.

The iconic restaurant has occupied the corner of Grand Avenue and Lexington Parkway since 1935. The restaurant has been an important establishment in the city since, and has served as the launching pad for political campaigns and the see-and-be-seen spot for important people in the city.

The restaurant was closed in late May for renovations and currently remains closed. This change in ownership could delay the plans of the fall reopening. This delay could jeopardize the usually busy holiday season.

The current owners bought the spot about two years ago, and the ownership group is now marketing the entire property. This includes the large parking lot across the street for diners. The sellers of the property are hoping to find someone who "can make the best use of this historic site."