St. Louis Bread Co. Insults Farms With A Tweet

The St. Louis Bread Co., known to most of the country as Panera, has caused outrage in farmers all over the country with its latest Twitter campaign.

Riverfront Times reports that Bread Co. created a Twitter account called @EZChicken to promote its latest push for antibiotic free chicken. The now deleted account posted several tweets of carton chickens with captions such as "Hard work pays off eventually. But lazy pays off now".

Though Bread Co. isn't the first restaurant to push for antibiotic free chicken, many upset farmers responded to the Tweets pointing out that antibiotics are used to help sick animals, much like a sick person. Others worry that Bread Co. is trying to use fear to sell food.

The market push seems to be because nobody knew that Bread Co. has been sourcing antibiotic free poultry since 2004, a hard road according to vice president of public relations Linn Parrish.

Bread Co. has removed the account and apologized that their message was misinterpreted. To see what the campaign looked like before being removed click here.